Ruth Ann Church  Owner of Artisan Coffee Imports and Q Grader. Ruth Ann started her company in 2009 to address the need for great-tasting green decaffeinated coffee. She searches the globe for great decaf and brings it to roasters who care about the taste of their coffee, even the decaf. She also runs a consumer website: www.DeliciousDecafCoffee.com. Most recently Ruth Ann assisted with the Fine Ethiopian Coffee cuppings at the SCAA in Boston. Current favorite coffee: french press decaf Kenyan.

Robb Harper  Publisher of edibleWOW magazine, which celebrates local chefs, farmers, food & beverage artisans in Southeastern Michigan.  Robb has long enjoyed fine, local food, and has a special ability to bring people together and coordinate delicious events.  He is also a great resource on the local food economy and has spoken on how to create sustainable communities centered around home grown food.  He appreciates quite a variety of fresh-roasted specialty coffee.

Matt Brown  made the jump from slinging roasted coffee to green coffee in 2011 when he joined Café Imports.  Since then, he has been able to work and cup alongside industry professionals from around the globe in a wide variety of settings.  As a part of the C.I. team, he works with roasters on a daily basis – matching unique coffees with equally unique needs.  He has had the privilege of judging two years for the NERBC as well as leading classes for both Coffee Fest and the MANE Conference.


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